Cost Simulator

How Much Do Family Friendly Policies Cost and What Are the Economic Losses to a University and the Federal Government When Highly Skilled Women Dropout of the STEM Pipeline?


This simulator can provide you an analysis of the cost and benefits of now common offerings such as parental leave, relief from teaching after childbirth and stopping the tenure clock for childbirth specifically for your department.

How does the Simulator work?
Building on a study of two Family Responsive policies (FRP), Prof. Clair Brown and Dr. Eric Freeman created a statistical simulation, based upon regression analysis, of the estimated benefits and costs at universities and colleges. The Simulator provides a user friendly online tool that Department Chairs or Deans can use to estimate the costs and benefits of these Family Responsive policies at their institutions. To learn more about this tool, please visit our main website.

For a complete description of the the analysis that produced the functionality behind this tool, please download the complete report here.

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